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Rohan Gilkes’ 27 Days to Building a Business Once and For All: Choosing Our Name

rohanJune 3, 2016 by rohan

Week 1, Thursday: Choosing our domain name

Before we get started, watch the vid above for a quick overview of this post.

Today, we get set on choosing the domain name for our business.

Okay, so all things being equal you’re going to do better if your domain name delivers a not so subtle hint at what you’re offering.

And by “not so subtle”, I mean it should be mind-numbingly clear.

Don’t make people have to guess what you’re selling.

So quick anecdote. Peep this list:

The 4 Hour Work Week
Broadband and White Sand
Millionaire Chameleon

Those were actual potential names Tim Ferris had for his book, The 4 Hour Work Week. He ran an Adwords campaign to see which name people would connect with more and the clearest value proposition won by a landslide.  And that’s the same thing we’re trying to accomplish.

We want to highlight a value proposition right in the domain name.  It could be “cool” or “fast” or “affordable” or whatever, but we’re going to need to communicate this with simple easy to pronounce words (2 or 3 words max) and ending in .com.

What’s in it for me?

At the end of the day, we’re going to want to tell the customer what we’re offering (cleaning service) but also make some small emotional appeal as well.  This approach works exceptionally well with two word domains. More on that later.

By the way, feel free to ignore all of this if you have a rack of money and can name your thing  PoweredbyHarry and can afford PR/Branding experts or can sneeze and get an article written about you on Techcrunch or can build a brand so large that people associate your name with Prime shipping instead of a rainforest! : -)

For the rest of us though, your life will be a lot easier going with a domain name that at least hints at what’s in the box.

Make your customers and Google happy

Screenshot 2016-06-02 22.16.50

At the end of the day our domain name speaks to two constituents and we’ll try to keep both of them happy:

1) Potential customers
2) Google

So my approach is usually a word that answer what’s in the box (for Google and customers) coupled with a brandable word (for customers)

Lawn – Tribe
Maids – inBlack
WetShave- Club

So that’s about it for domain choosing, and we have to apologize for bringing you this far without a domain to reveal, but tomorrow we’ll announce the name and get cracking on our business plan. (Hint: It’s only one page).

Fun times ahead!

Action Steps Today

Check out this site to do a domain search.  Remember try to find something short, 3 syllables or less if you can.  If you want to run any domain names by us, please message .  When you find a solid domain we recommend purchasing it on . Will make things easier for the next stage.




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