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Week 1 - Wed - Happiness

Rohan Gilkes’ 27 Days to Building a Business Once and For All: Customer Happiness

rohanJune 2, 2016 by rohan

Week 1, Wednesday: Developing our customer service mindset

Yesterday we spent some time choosing our industry and scanning 1 star reviews on Yelp to see how our competition is struggling.

Today we’ll use that data to create our value propositions and lay out how we’ll separate ourselvesfrom the competition.

How to make an irresistible offer

We’re not at the website building stage yet (that comes next week), but we know that we will have a solid website no matter what.  But the question is…

What would make a client choose us even if our website turns out not so great?

And that’s where researching those one start reviews from yesterday comes in.

We made a list of things that clients are upset, and use that list to generate our selling points!

Here’s how things looks for the cleaning industry based on the well over 100 yelp complaints we read yesterday.


Screenshot 2016-06-01 21.22.35

1) People don’t show up when they say they will
2) People don’t show up at all
3) There is no evidence that someone shows up if they do (i.e no note on the door)
4) Folks forget simple things like making all the beds
5) Floors are done poorly
6) Folks require monthly contracts or make it difficult to get out of contract
7) Folks never returned calls or request for a quote
8) No response to emails
9) Provide services people don’t ask for and then try to upsell
10) Non-transparent pricing

I can just say to myself, you know what, I’m going to start a good company and just not do those things.

That would work. But better yet, how about starting a company that infuses solutions to these problems into its DNA?

What does this mean for our yet to be named cleaning company?

We’ll not only avoid these things at all cost, we’ll turn them into actual positive ideas and infuse them into our marketing and communications at every step of the way.


Screenshot 2016-06-01 21.25.04

(See how they solve the corresponding pain points above)

1) We show up within a 2 hour window and call when we are on the way
2) We pay for no-shows. If our teams do not show up and you’re not notified, your next service is free.
3) We leave a note with every service showing exactly what we did.
4) We follow a checklist to ensure all services are completed
5) 200% Guarantee-If you’re not satisfied we return to fix it. If you’re still not happy with our service, we give a full refund as well!
6) No Contracts! Cancel Anytime.
7) Calls returned within 30 minutes during regular business hours
8) Emails returned within 15 minutes during regular business hours
9) All additional services confirmed by email before we proceed
10) Upfront transparent pricing directly on the website and super easy booking process

That’s it. We found the things that customers hate most by checking 1 star review on Yelp, solve those problems, and communicate the solutions through our marketing and actions!

Even if our website turns out to be terrible, we’d be well ahead of the game when clients see we’re different. But our website will be better than 99% of the companies out there, so we’re going to be doubly ahead of the game.

Things are about to get sexyyy…

Action Step Today

Get on Yelp and search for 1 star reviews in your industry from across the country. City unimportant. Make a list of the most popular complaints. Those are the industry-wide issues. We will turn those issues into selling points for your company and infuse those selling points into your marketing and communications

Tomorrow we choose our name…

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