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Week 2 - Wed - Copywriting

Rohan Gilkes’ 27 Days to Building a Business Once and For All: Copywriting

rohanJune 9, 2016 by rohan

Week 2 Wednesday: Casual and fun copywriting

So this is a day that I probably will enjoy the most because writing random stuff however the hell I like, is my thing.

Here’s the story: You don’t have to be a great writer to write compelling copy.

You just have to almost not give a shit.

Not kidding!

The more you care about making things perfect, the more your copy will come across as stuffy and pretentious and boring.

And stuffy, pretentious, and boring does not sell.

This is an example I like to use:

Option A: “Our proprietary cleaning technology provides world-class removal of microscopic bacteria from all surfaces while preventing cross-contamination and…blah blah blah.”

Option B: “”You’ll get good old-fashioned cleaning with products that are safe for your family and pets.”

I wrote both of these. And I know by now it’s pretty clear which one I would go with on my website. But sometimes I still find myself getting back into Option A type stuffy writing if I’m not careful.

10 Ways to keep your copy light and engaging

Screenshot 2016-06-01 21.22.35

1) Keep a picture of your ideal customer on your computer as you write and remember that your writing should sound like a transcript of a conversation you’re having with that person. Your copy is just a conversation that you’re recording, and NOT a typewritten formal letter.

2) If you need to, actually have a verbal conversation with the person (you’ll look crazy, but who cares), and record it or use speech to text to transcribe it. Then you can tweak the results and go from there.

3) Keep in mind that your visitor does not care about you. I mean, you might be awesome and all, but they don’t care. So make everything about them. Shoot, even on our about pages, we try to make it more about why we’re going to be fun to do business with.

4) You/Your and not “guys/folks/people/clients” . Speak to that one person.

5) Make it short. Online is for skimming not reading. So make your stuff skimmable by keeping it short and presenting the data in digestable chunks that are no longer than 2 or 3 lines per paragraph.

6) Relax. Don’t be afraid of slang if it fits your audience. The goal is to have a simple conversation with one human being, and if done well, they’ll actually hear your voice in their heads.

7) Write for 8th graders. That’s about the average reading level of your audience, so keep things super simple and direct.

8) Stay away from boring calls to actions like “subscribe” and “submit”. Something like “grab the book” or “Get VIP” or “Become a Secret Agent” or something silly will work so much better.

9) Write when you’re in a good mood. For me it’s usually first thing in the morning before anyone has a chance to piss me off, lol. Find your best time.

10) Read everything aloud when you’re done. It should sound like a fun convo with a friend.

So that’s about it. If you can find a way to write casually and fun and stay away from corporate speak, you’ll connect better with your audience.

And a better connection means better conversions.

Oh, and break grammatical rules if you like. No one cares.

Good luck. Tomorrow we will figure out trust elements.

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