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Week 4 - Wednesday - Leads

Rohan Gilkes’ 27 Days to Building a Business Once and For All: Lead Capture

rohanJuly 13, 2016 by rohan

Rohan and Dara’s 27 Week Build – Week 4, Wednesday: Lead Capture

So today we’re going take a few seconds to talk about capturing leads and how it plays into our long term strategy.

Take a few minutes to watch the video above and see Dara and Kevin chatting about some of the email capture tools they will be using on Enjoymaids.

We’ll wait.

Cool? Let’s get going…

Here’s why capturing email leads are so important:

Emails are little ATMs

Screenshot 2016-07-12 22.49.14

Emails are little messages that are the closest thing we have to ATMs in the internet marketing world.

And these are ATMs that you go back to over and over and over again, insert some nice words with beautifully designed images, hit send…

and wait.

If done right, sometimes in mere minutes, money flows out the machine.  There is no single better converting medium that a well-nurtured email list.


$10,000 in 24 hours with a well nurtured email list

Seriously nothing beats emails.  Not search, not social media, not display ads. Nada.

Here are the results of a study of over 60,000 transactions across multiple ecommerce sites.

Emails crush everything else.

Screenshot 2016-07-12 22.51.46

And if you’re dying for an actual example, here’s me doing $10,000 in revenue in less than 24 hours with one email: Click to Read (May require you to join the group if you’re not a member)

Cleaning Industry Examples


So whenever we have something cool going on, new products, a promotion, a new partnership, a special discount for some special holiday we send out an email like the one above.

And we can almost stand around with a stopwatch and time when the first order will come in!

Wrapup and tools

Start collecting emails peeps from day one!

It’s one of the surest ways to effectively increase your conversion rates, and it’s not terribly complicated to pull off.  You will simply need:

1) A sound email capturing tool to build your list
2) A way to deliver emails to that list

For #1 we’re we use Groovejar.

You’ll be leaving a rack of money on the table if you don’t start building your list!

Tomorrow we’ll chat more about our launch strategy.  We’re super close to when we can start making money.

Fun times ahead! 🙂


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