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Week 4 - Monday - Video

Rohan Gilkes’ 27 Days to Building a Business Once and For All: Using Video

rohanJune 29, 2016 by rohan

Rohan and Dara’s 27 Week Build – Week 4, Monday: Using Video

This post is all about video so we’ll keep it as text light as possible.

I’ll say this though: Video works. Well.  Every time we’ve tested it we see a bump in conversions when we use video instead of just text.

But videos work EXCEPTIONALLY WELL with local service companies because you can immediately set yourself apart from your competition. Why?

99% of the competition will not have a video

Instead of rambling on though, I’ll show you guys a snapshot of the different types of videos we have used to improve conversions and make more money on our websites.

Here goes.

Simple Fiverr advertisement video

This is a simple video where the host talks about the benefits of working with you or highlights your unique selling proposition. Nothing fancy but they work.

Long Form showcase video

This is the video we use for wet shave club. It’s a bit longer but goes in depth on the product and presents it in a cool and fun way with folks that are able to help build instant credibility with our audience.

Employee first person video

We decided to go this route for Groovejar because we felt it required a bit of explanation. And plus it was from Fiverr so super cheap.

Storyline video

This is the classic emotional type video where we spend time focusing not on benefits or features but on a more basic human need for freedom and happiness.

Narrated animated video

This type of vid works well for tech companies and yes that’s Dara’s voice again 🙂

Special Holiday Videos

Valentines day or Christmas coming up? These special videos do really well on social media to lead to signups.  Pretty much a no-brainer and you can use them year after year! 😉


So that’s about it.  A lot of videos you can get done simply and inexpensively on Fiverr but the bump in conversion rates will pay for the video a gazillion times over.

Thanks for reading. Tomorrow we’ll chat about more elements we plan to use to increase conversion rates.

Chat soon!


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