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Week 5 - Monday - Thumbtack3

Rohan Gilkes’ 27 Days to Building a Business Once and For All: Thumbtack

rohanAugust 12, 2016 by rohan

Rohan and Dara’s 27 Week Build – Week 5, Monday: Thumbtack3

In Week 5 of the case study we start to pick up on our customer acquisition strategy for Enjoymaids and we have some news for you guys…

We have revenue to report baby!

Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.09.39

So at the end of each post, you will now see a running total of our monthly revenue to date. So far, with less than two weeks in business we have booked very close to $2000 in business.

Not a huge number for some of you, but it’s a super solid start for us right out the gate, and helps us start to get data on the site performance and the performance of our marketing channels.

We still have 20 days left in August as of the writing of this post, and we think we have a shot to get to $5,000 in revenue in the first full month of business.

Of course, we’ll report everything as we go!

A few more Thumbtack Nuggets

First off, thanks very much to Chris for doing this interview.  Chris added a few more tips to our Thumbtack arsenal in the video above and I thought I would highlight them here as well:

  1. Make sure to bid at night as well.  By night time most of the competition has already closed up shop and very often you will be the first and only person to submit a bid.
  2. Focus on solid communication and try to connect personally with the customer.
  3. Put a picture of yourself as your profile (and not your logo)
  4. Add beautiful photos and make your profile as professional as possible.
  5. Get Video Testimonials from customers
  6. Download the Thumbtack app so you can respond in 2-3 minutes to any customer responses
  7. Send an email when the quote is viewed
  8. Be open and welcome to special customer requests
Drama, Stress, And Mindset

Screenshot 2016-08-11 22.41.07In upcoming days we are going to take a moment to chat about some of the mental hurdles this process creates.  In the first few days of business we had to deal with cars being booted, no-show cleaners, unhappy customers, and more…

And we pushed through.  We’ll talk more about how we handle a wide variety of issues in the coming days, because business is tough.  And that’s why it’s the road less traveled.

The way I see it though, entrepreneurs are compensated for these headaches with earning potential that far exceeds that of regular 9-5 jobs.  Enough on that, but just keep this in mind as we go.


Tomorrow we’ll chat about the changes we made to Dara’s site and bidding process to get the first few jobs flooding in and things that you can do as well!

Stay tuned…

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